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The primary location of all TM5 meteo data is the ECFS storage at ECMWF:


For a detailed tree structure of the data, see the ERA_Interim_meteo and Operational_Data pages.

Getting files from ECMWF

If you have access to an ECMWF SecureID card you could use the 'EcAccess' tools to get files from this archive to your local machine. Info about the tools:

To obtain a recent orography file stored at ECFS, try the following (bash) commands:

export ECDOMAIN='ECFS[nlh]'
ecget TM/meteo/ec/od_L91/an0tr6/sfc/glb100x100/oro.tar

For several files, it may be easier to use ftp:

ftp -i

Then, to go to the meteo archive you:

quote domain ecfs[nlh]
cd TM/meteo/

From there, it is standard ftp (cd, mget, etc...).

Copy at SARA/Huygens

In honour of the head of the former atmospheric composition department of KNMI, a version of the EcAccess tools has been installed on the 'kelder' account. Include in your '~/.bashrc' the following lines:

  # EcAccess stuff
  export ECACCESS_HOME="/home/kelder/opt/ecaccess"
  export PATH="${ECACCESS_HOME}/client/tools/:${PATH}"
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