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Administrators for TM5 sub-projects

At the June 2010 meeting, administrators/maintainers for each of the TM5 projects on the SVN server have been identified. The list of projects with a brief description and administrator names is below. These administrators are in charge of the trunk of their project, not necessarily of the branches. Sizes as of March 6th, 2013,

Project Size Administrator Description
base 213M Arjo Segers base code: meteo, transport (advection, convection, deposition, diffusion)
proj/levels 3.0M base code: definition of model levels
proj/grid 2.9M base code: definition of horizontal grids. Obsolete after release 4
proj/user_output 6.8M extra output
proj/budget/lat10xml 408K modified aggregated budgets definition
proj/chem/base 17M Ph. Le Sager full chemistry (incl. M7 option)
proj/chem/one 128K Ph. Le Sager one dummy tracer. Used for meteo pre-processing
proj/chem/tc 7.2M Wouter Peters Carbon tracker
proj/chem/vard4D 21M Maarten Krol
proj/enkf 14M Wouter Peters Ensemble Kalman filter
proj/C13 1.7M Ivar
proj/sibcasa 200K Ivar
proj/alanis 472K
proj/ctemis 3.5M
proj/ecearth 3.8M Twan van Noije chem code to couple TM5 to EC-Earth
proj/emissionfactor 2.8M
proj/fixyear 424K
proj/gfed3 240K
proj/macc 1.7M
proj/nuclear 1.5M Ph. Le Sager I-131 and Cs-137 radionuclides from Fukushima NPP accident
proj/pyshell-speedvar 168M
proj/var4d-pyshell 4.0M
proj/rib 280K
proj/tutorial 1M based on release 3
proj/vais 2.4M Ph. Le Sager Volcanic Ash Information System
proj/ei 216K
proj/noaa/mtrudeau 13M
tools 18M suite of tools (TIPP, DIADEM, MDF, ...)
TM 121M Obsolete. Older code
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