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Once you have installed TM5, you build and compile the code from the installation directory:

./setup_tm5 <options> <rcfile>

where <rcfile> is your TM5 main rc file that contains all the settings needed by the scripts to build and compile the model (including where to build and compile). The available options can be listed:

./setup_tm5 -h

You will notice that some options are for running the model. Indeed, you can automatically run the model with the -s (submit) option, with further option to run it in the foreground (-f), in the background (-b), or through a debugger (-d) or use your job scheduler (-q, for queue). For example:

./setup_tm5 -sqn tm.rc

will compile all sources, and submit the executable to the queue system.

If you do not run the model automatically, you need to go to the run directory, and:

./submit_tm5 <executable> <rcfile>

Again, script options can be listed:

./submit_tm5 -h
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