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Fortran runtime error: End of record

If you get an error message that looks like:

Fortran runtime error: End of recordAt line XYZ of file myfile.F90

It is likely that the line XYZ is a write statement like:

write (gol,*) ...etc...

what is happening, is that the buffer "gol" is full. The line you try to write is too long for the gol. You could increase the size of gol, but the quick fix is to replace the faulty line with something like:

print*, ...etc...  

No module named pycasso

If you get this error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "setup_tm5", line 55, in <module>
     import pycasso
ImportError: No module named pycasso 

it is likely that you miss a link. On the Checking out the code page, we remind users to create links to (and not copy) the following scripts in the top TM5 directory:

cd TM5
ln -s -f base/trunk/py/              ./
ln -s -f base/trunk/bin/pycasso_setup_tm5 ./setup_tm5

You cannot replace these links with a copy of the scripts they point to.

A link can be replaced by a copy when you make a basic copy of an entire TM5 installation for example. So be extra careful.

Side note: To duplicate your TM5 tree, you should use the flag that preserves links ("copy link instead of following"). This depend on your version of cp: -h (AIX) or --preserve=links for GNU coreutils. Better than cp, you could use rsync in archive mode:

rsync -av TM5  myTM5copy
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