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Accessing archives at ECMWF

Lots of data are on ECFS, the archive facility at ECMWF. The quick and easy way to get them is through ftp:

ftp -i

Then, to go to the ECMWF archive of user nm6 for example, you need the following magic command:

quote domain ecfs[nm6]

Meteo data are hosted on user nlh, so to retrieve them you would first:

quote domain ecfs[nlh]

From there, it is standard ftp (cd, mget, etc...).


Availability of the meteo fields is discussed here for ERA-Interim and here for OD.

Full Chemistry

You need a the TM56_input directory. It has photolysis data, aerosols input, land-sea mask, leaf area index, small emissions inventories, and more, needed for the chemistry. It also contains a set of restart and save files for initial conditions. It is available at ECMWF:


Unpack and then set in your machine.rc file: : /path/to/the/data/dir/TM56_input

The larger emissions inventories (GFED3, AR5, EDGAR4, RETRO-FIRE) are described on the chemistry emissions page, and their locations are set in the chem.input.rc file.

Benchmark TM5-chem

Meteo fields and emissions inventories for 2006 only are available for users to test the benchmark. Visit the Benchmarks page for further information about these smaller datasets.

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