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Welcome to the TM5 Wiki

This wiki is about TM5-ZOOM, and not TM5-MP, although information about met fields and rc files is mostly valid for TM5-MP.

The TM5 model is a 3D atmospheric chemistry-transport model, with zooming capabilities. Users can defined up to four arbitrary zoom regions, which are two-way nested into the global model or each other. Thus simulations at relatively high spatial resolution (currently 1x0.5 degrees longitude-latitude) can be performed over selected regions, with boundary conditions always provided consistently from regions at a coarser resolution.

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General information about TM5

Introduction and overview Administration


User Guide

Getting started Miscellaneous
Build, Compile, Run Developping and Adding new features


TM5 features and projects

Meteorological Fields Chemistry
EC-Earth Carbon Gases
4Dvar Benchmarks and Evaluations





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