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TM is computationally intensive and requires significant processing power to run in a decent amount of time. Have a look at the list of tested platforms to gauge TM performance.

Input and output data can be large and may require dedicated storage:


TM5 should run under any Linux/Unix (incl. Mac OS X) operating system. The following softwares are required:

It is recommended to have openMP or/and MPI installed, since they will significantly improve the performance of TM.

You also need to have these libraries installed:

HD5 and netCDF4 must be installed with parallel I/O enabled if you want to use "exact" restart files or output time-series. Exact restart files hold data in double precision, while the older restart files (so-called "save files") use single precision.

Met fields are available in both hdf and netcdf formats. To use the later, you must install UDUNITS.

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